South Robeson


Project Size


MWh of electricity per year


South Robeson Solar Farm features 26,600 solar panels that work in harmony to produce approximately 9,600 MWh of electricity a year, which is roughly the same amount of energy used by 750 average homes in North Carolina. Strata worked closely with local officials to hire 120 local contractors. Construction began in March 2012 and took 14 weeks to complete.


Economic Impact

The South Robeson project provided over $250,000 in direct expenditures in Robeson County for wages, lodging, and supplies. This spending resulted in an increase in the property tax base of Robeson County of approximately $15 million, with no requirements for additional schools, sewers, roads, or other county services.


Environmental Impact

There are no emissions, noise, or traffic associated with the operation of the solar farm.  Each year, the solar farm will offset approximately 5,155 tons of CO2, which is the same as reducing automobile travel by 8 million miles.


In The News

To [Farm Owner] Helen Livingston, solar farms are a great idea. She and her younger brother, Tom John, decided this spring not to replant a 47-acre cotton field their family has owned for generations. For much of the next three decades, their family will be paid to rent the land to Strata Solar, one of North Carolina’s leading sun power developers.

“It is almost too good to pass up. For us, it wasn’t just the money. It was the excitement of having a solar farm. But I think people would see that it does pay more than farming.”

Livingston said producing energy from the sun helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas, which hurt the environment when they are extracted from the earth.

“All of our family is environmentally conscious. We were the right contact for a solar farm because we knew the importance of this.”

From NC Clean Tech

Location Robeson, NC