Project Size


MWh of electricity per year


Selmer Solar Farm produces approximately 30,000 MWh of electricity a year, which is the same amount of energy used by 2,400 average homes.

Selmer Farm is Strata Solar's first project in Tennessee. It was built by crew of over 200 local contractors and required 66,000 solar panels to complete. Construction took 20 weeks, beginning in May 2014 and finishing in early November 2014.


Economic Impact

The project provided over $770,000 in direct expenditures in McNairy County for wages, lodging, and supplies. This spending resulted in an increase in the property tax base of the county of approximately $38 million, with no requirements for additional schools, sewers, roads, or other county services.


Environmental Impact

There are no emissions, noise, or traffic associated with the operation of the solar farm. Each year, the solar farm will offset approximately 16,110 tons of CO2.


In The News

We are excited about Strata Solar selecting McNairy County for their project.  This has been a team effort on the part of Strata Solar, TVA, Pickwick Electric, McNairy County government, Selmer City government, Selmer/McNairy County Industrial Board and the McNairy Regional Alliance.  The construction jobs will add a much need boost to our local economy.  If things continue to line up, additional projects and job opportunities may be extended.   Local leaders will now be able to market our community as a sustainable community.

– Ted Moore, Executive Director McNairy County Economic Development Commission

Location Selmer, TN