Project Size


MWh of electricity per year


Foxfire Farm sits on over 40 acres in Moore County on the south side of NC Highway 211 east of its intersection with Spicewood Road. Construction took approximately three months. The land, which lies in front of the Perdue feed mill, was previously used by Sandhills Turf for turf grass production. The lease payments provided from the solar farm provide family members with more income than was generated from harvesting turf grass.

This project used 576 racks to support the solar panels, the tops of which are approximately nine feet off the ground. The racks are driven into the ground mechanically, requiring minimal soil disturbance. The fixed solar panels are tilted to the south at 20 to 25 degrees. Only minor excavation was required to install underground wiring connecting the panels to one of six inverters and to connect to the power grid.

Inverter and solar panel performance is monitored remotely, so maintenance personnel can be dispatched if any problems are detected.

Location West End, NC