Project Size


MWh of electricity per year


Chadbourn Solar Farm generates nearly 10,500 MWh of electricity each year. Its 25,354 solar panels work in harmony to generate enough energy for more than 800 average homes in Columbus County. Its operating life of 30 years ensures sustainable clean energy for future generations.


From North Carolina's Southeast:

The project amounted to a $20 million investment in the county, with 150 workers constructing the facility.

“A lot of the construction jobs were filled with local people,” Mr. Lanier says, which is providing experience to Columbus County workers that can readily be re-applied at other solar energy projects in the Southeast.

The property sits adjacent the county’s Southeast Regional Industrial Park, making it a potential lure to companies interested in minimizing their carbon footprint. “A company that wants to have a small carbon footprint could easily locate next door,” says Gary Lanier, director of the Columbus County Economic Development Commission.


Location Whiteville, NC