Thinking about going solar?

Are you a landowner interested in leasing your land for solar? Strata Solar can help guide you through the considerations for transforming your land into a sustainable source of long-term income. You can also learn more by reading some Frequently Asked Questions

Features & Benefits

  • Maintain ownership of your land
  • Earn passive long-term income
  • Enjoy reduced tax liability
  • Worry-free operations and maintenance
  • Bring sustainable energy to your community

Does Your Land Meet the Following Requirements?

  • 20+ continuous acres/relatively flat
  • Free of wetlands and endangered species
  • Three phase power line adjacent to property
  • Close proximity to utility substation

Why Strata Solar?

We work with landowners to educate their neighbors and communities about the benefits of solar. You'll benefit from Strata's experience bringing successful solar projects online in communities across the country. We know the important questions to ask and how to navigate the road to developing your land into a long-term sustainable source of energy, while providing financial certainty for future generations.

Testimonial: Helen Livingston, Maxton, NC

Landowner Helen Livingston "Our farm has been in the family longer than we can trace back. We would never consider selling, so our solar lease is really good, and the land is really good. If anything or anybody else had come along, we would have said no. But we know the value of clean energy, and to promote it in this area meant a lot to us."


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